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Sam McKeown

Executive Coach, Teacher and Trainer

Have you or your company hired some fancy speaker/coach/trainer with an “impeccable” pedigree, only to find out he or she had no practical experience and did not know anything about your company or industry? They may have shown up and given a canned presentation, only to walk away with your hard-earned money, without even knowing your name.

This scenario happens more than you might think. As a John Maxwell Certified Coach and Team Member, you don’t have to worry about this happening with me. I do have a pedigree, but it is unimportant if I cannot deliver. I have extensive speaking and coaching experience in a variety of fields, but that doesn’t matter if what I have to say isn’t relevant to you or your company.

Contact me today to schedule an introductory call, and let’s chart your course to a more fulfilling personal and professional life!

Rita McKeown

Executive Coach, Teacher and Trainer

Rita is a John Maxwell Certified Speaker, trainer and coach, as well as a registered dental hygienist, carrying licenses in Florida, Wyoming and Colorado. She also has a B.A. in special education.

Rita has travelled to several countries on mission trips. Her most rewarding was to her native Ukraine to train 28 women to be better leaders in their home churches. This was an especially rewarding trip as several of the women were from the war-torn area of Ukraine, and Rita’s hometown. The ladies left encouraged and determined to make a difference!

Through the years, Rita has been the creative influence in our business. She has an insight which is uncanny at times.