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Welcome to Alive and At Peace Coaching Services – Your Path to Success and Fulfillment!

Are you seeking to transform your life, unlock your potential, and achieve your goals? Look no further!

As a certified financial, mindset, DISC, sales, and life coach, my passion for helping individuals thrive is the driving force behind my coaching practice.

With my diverse background in financial expertise, leadership, sales, and ethical influence, I'm uniquely equipped to guide you on your journey towards success and personal growth.

Here's what you can expect from my coaching services:

  • Personal Finance Coaching: Gain control over your finances, create a secure financial future, and learn strategies for wealth building and financial independence.

  • Mindset Coaching: Harness the power of a positive mindset to overcome obstacles, boost self-confidence, and develop resilience in the face of challenges.

  • DISC Coaching: Discover your unique personality traits and communication style through DISC assessments and learn how to leverage them for improved relationships and effectiveness.

  • Sales Coaching: Whether you're a seasoned sales professional or new to the field, I can help you refine your sales skills, close deals effectively, and achieve exceptional results.

  • Life Coaching: Find balance, purpose, and fulfillment in your life. I'll provide guidance on setting and achieving meaningful goals and finding happiness in every aspect of your life.

  • Ethical Influence: Learn the art of ethical persuasion and influence to enhance your leadership skills, build strong relationships, and make a positive impact in your personal and professional circles.

As a Pastor and educator, I also have a heart for teaching and mentoring middle and high school students at church.

My dedication to helping others extends to my family life as well, as a loving spouse and a parent of four children and seven grandchildren.

Let's embark on this journey of growth and transformation together. Whether you're an individual, a business professional, or a student, my coaching services are tailored to meet your unique needs. Get ready to unlock your potential, achieve your dreams, and lead a more fulfilling life.

Contact me today to schedule your first coaching session, and let's start making your aspirations a reality!

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Introducing Sam McKeown - An Inspiring Speaker Bringing
Transformational Insights to Your Audience

Are you in search of a dynamic and knowledgeable speaker who
can captivate, educate, and motivate your audience? Look no further! With a
wealth of experience as a certified financial, mindset, DISC, sales, and life
coach, I'm not only a seasoned professional but also a passionate and engaging
speaker ready to leave a lasting impact on your event.

My speaking services are designed to enlighten and empower,
whether it's in a corporate setting, educational institution, community
gathering, or church event. Here's a glimpse of what you can expect when you
invite me to speak:

  • Keynote Addresses: Delivering powerful keynote speeches that resonate with your audience, I cover a range of topics including personal finance, leadership, sales, DISC assessments, and ethical influence.

  • Workshops and Seminars: Engaging and interactive workshops and seminars that provide practical tools and strategies for personal and professional growth.

  • Motivational Talks: Inspirational talks that ignite motivation and inspire positive change, with a focus on mindset transformation and resilience.

  • Educational Sessions: Tailored presentations for middle and high school students, incorporating valuable life lessons and mentorship.

  • Spiritual and Inspirational Gatherings: Uplifting sermons and spiritual talks that draw from my experience as a Pastor, connecting with your congregation on a deep, spiritual level.

My approach as a speaker is rooted in a deep passion for helping individuals unlock their full potential. Drawing from my background in financial expertise, leadership, sales, and ethical influence, I provide insightful and actionable takeaways that leave your audience inspired and equipped to embrace positive change.

When I take the stage, I don't just speak; I connect with your audience on a personal level, delivering messages that resonate and drive transformation. Whether it's a call to financial empowerment, leadership excellence, sales mastery, or personal growth, I ensure that every word I share serves as a catalyst for positive change.

Are you ready to elevate your event with a speaker who not only informs but also inspires? Book me for your next gathering and witness the transformative power of my insights and words.

Contact me today to discuss your event's specific needs and secure a speaking engagement that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Together, we can inspire positive change and empower individuals to reach their full potential

Unlocking Success Through CEO Roundtables and Mastermind

In the world of business and leadership, the journey to success can often feel like a solitary path. However, there's a powerful and transformative solution that brings together like-minded individuals, fosters collaboration, and accelerates growth: CEO roundtables and mastermind groups.

CEO Roundtables:

These are exclusive gatherings of top-level executives, business owners, and CEOs from diverse industries who come together regularly to share insights, strategies, and experiences. Here's what makes CEO roundtables so valuable:

  • Peer Learning: In a CEO roundtable, you have the opportunity to learn from the experiences of your peers. They provide fresh perspectives, innovative ideas, and practical solutions to the challenges you face in your role.

  • Network Expansion: These groups expand your professional network with like-minded individuals who can become trusted advisors and strategic partners. The connections made here can open doors to new opportunities.

  • Accountability: CEO roundtables foster a sense of accountability. Members commit to their goals and are held accountable by the group, driving them to achieve higher levels of success.

  • Problem-Solving: When you encounter complex problems or decisions, the collective intelligence of the group can provide invaluable insights and help you make more informed choices.

Mastermind Groups:

Mastermind groups are gatherings of individuals with a common interest, such as personal growth, business success, or skill development. They come together to support each other's goals and growth.

Here's what sets mastermind groups apart:

  • Diverse Expertise: Mastermind groups often comprise individuals from various backgrounds and professions, offering a diverse pool of knowledge and skills to draw from.

  • Mutual Support: Members of mastermind groups act as a support system, offering encouragement, motivation, and accountability as you work towards your goals.

  • Brainstorming and Idea Generation: These groups provide a platform for brainstorming ideas, sharing experiences, and receiving feedback, which can lead to innovative solutions and strategies.

  • Personal Growth: Beyond professional development, mastermind groups focus on personal growth and self-improvement, fostering a well-rounded approach to success.

Both CEO roundtables and mastermind groups offer a confidential and trusted environment where participants can openly discuss challenges, seek guidance, and celebrate successes. The power of collective wisdom and shared experiences is unparalleled in these settings.

How to Get Involved

If you're a business leader looking to tap into the benefits of CEO roundtables or mastermind groups, consider the following steps:

  • Research: Explore existing CEO roundtables or mastermind groups in your area or industry. Look for those that align with your goals and values.

  • Inquire: Reach out to group organizers or facilitators to learn more about their structure, membership criteria, and meeting frequency.

  • Participate: Join a group that resonates with your objectives and actively engage in discussions and activities.

  • Contribute: Be an active and supportive member, sharing your knowledge and experiences while also benefiting from the collective wisdom of the group.

In the journey to success, CEO roundtables and mastermind groups offer a collaborative and transformative approach. By connecting with like-minded individuals and tapping into their collective wisdom, you can accelerate your growth, overcome challenges, and unlock new levels of achievement in both your professional and personal life.

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