Ready to Elevate Your Influence? Discover the IMPACT Framework and Command Your Business and Personal Growth Journey

Ready to Elevate Your Influence? Discover the IMPACT Framework and Command Your Business and Personal Growth Journey

In the realms of leadership coaching and organizational development, understanding one's own behavioral style and the styles of others can be instrumental. It helps in improving communication, reducing conflict, and enhancing leadership effectiveness. That's why we've developed our I.M.P.A.C.T. Framework

  • I - Individual Coaching

  • M - Mentorship (Peer and Executive)

  • P - Persuasion and Communication Training

  • A - Assessment (DISC and Organizational)

  • C - Continuous Improvement

  • T - Team Building and Organization Development

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Action steps to overcome adversity.

5 Tips For Overcoming Adversity in Business.

October 27, 20232 min read

"Jump out of the plane and build your wings on the way down! -Paul Martinelli


a state or instance of serious or continued difficulty or misfortune!

5 Tips  to Overcome Adversity

We all struggle with adversity in our business from time to time!👊

Overcoming adversity is a critical skill for any business, as it ensures survival and future growth during tough times. Here are five top tips for overcoming adversity from a business perspective:

1. Embrace a Positive Mindset:

   - Start with changing how you view adversity: instead of a threat, see it as a chance to learn and improve. Cultivate a culture of resilience and optimism. Lead by example, showing your team that challenges are opportunities for growth.

2. Plan and Prepare:

   - Always have a contingency plan in place. Anticipate potential challenges and have strategies ready for overcoming them. Regularly review and adapt these plans as necessary, and make sure your team knows them well.

   - Build a financial cushion or emergency fund to weather tough times and avoid desperate decision-making under financial strain.

3. Adaptability and Flexibility:

   - Be willing to pivot. Whether this means changing your business model, adjusting your products/services, or re-allocating your resources, flexibility can be your greatest asset in overcoming adversity.

   - Stay open to feedback and new ideas and be willing to discard what isn’t working, even if it’s been a part of your business for a long time.

4. Strengthen Relationships and Network:

   - Nurture relationships with your clients, suppliers, and other stakeholders. Honest and frequent communication with your team and stakeholders is essential, especially during tough times.

   - Network with other businesses and industry professionals. They can offer advice, support, and potential collaboration opportunities.

5. Seek Professional Help and Guidance:

   - Don't be afraid to seek counsel from mentors, advisors, or consultants. They can provide valuable perspective and actionable advice that is grounded in experience.

   - Consider the services of a financial advisor, legal counsel, or business consultant when facing particularly challenging situations.


These tips are meant to be proactive as well as reactive. Building a strong, adaptable business with solid relationships and a good plan can prevent many problems before they start, and having a positive, problem-solving mindset can make the inevitable challenges much easier to overcome.

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Sam McKeown

Executive Coach, Teacher and Trainer

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